Video Shorts

The Small Screen Screamer

This is the full cut of our Halloween 2018 short. It was previously released in five episodes, but now it’s all jammed together right here for easy viewing. There are a few slight changes compared to the episodes like audio, shot composition, and a small change to the ending. Nothing dramatic like making the Ewoks blink. If you get that joke, then congrats to you. Feel good about yourself.

Dangerous Dan’s Super Loco Bullet Fiesta

Dangerous Dan's Super Loco Bullet Fiesta is the most EPIC event for gun lovers! They'll have FOOD, FOUR LOKO, GUNS, GATOR PITS, AND HOOBASTANK. What's not to love? Get your tickets ASAP and DON'T FORGET TO BRING YOUR GUNS.

6 Ways to Know Your Relationship is Doomed

Watch out for these telltale signs that your relationship is headed straight to the dumps, then head to your nearest Arby's 'cause you're worth it.

Trapped in the Bathroom: Chapter One

This short is based off of a true story! Well, most of it is. Enjoy!

Fake News Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Just Lie About Everything

One man decides to use the phrase "fake news" to his advantage and get ahead in life. It starts to work until it doesn't at all. 

The Legend of Chuggy Kilpatrick

This is a tale that will make you laugh, it will make you cry, it will make you wonder where it's been your entire life. Enjoy the powerful story of Chuggy!

Invest in Yourself

In this sci-fi short film, everyman Al Dickson makes a deal with a mysterious woman to travel back in time and invest in himself properly. Shenanigans ensue!

A Kurt Bender Christmas

Uber-drunk Kurt Bender is here to give you his very BEST tips for having an awesome holiday season!

The Pumpamorphasis

What happens when one man drinks eight pumpkin spice lattes in one sitting? FIND OUT in our latest spooky short that's sure to not scare you, but make you laugh until your gut explodes with joy. You will NOT believe the twist at the end either. Be sure to grab your Halloween treats while watching this!

Street Jeans!

Richard Bloats tells us about an amazing new product from the Arkwright Company. Streetjeans! What the hell are those you ask? Take a watch and GET INFORMED.

The Spooky Chamber with Vincent Price

Three morons summon the spirit of Harambe, the gorilla that was murdered at the Cincinnati Zoo in 2016. This spooky tale brought you by the one and only Vincent Price!

10 Second Mysteries 2.8

Gastan St. Pierre and Pumpy Masterson head to a Christmas party and try not to offend anyone. Do they succeed? You probably know the answer. 

10 Second Mysteries 2.7

Do you ever wonder if we're just the nucleotides that make up the strands of DNA in another creature? 

10 Second Mysteries - BONUS Episode

Whoa! Bonus episode--WATCH OUT!

10 Second Mysteries 2.6


10 Second Mysteries 2.5

In this 10 Second Mystery, Gastan waters dead plants and Pumpy take a crack at writing a novel! 

10 Second Mysteries 2.4

Gastan and Pumpy encounter a terrifying creature who just wants to be friends. this half-man, half-rat a lying sack of shit? 

10 Second Mysteries 2.3

Gastan and Pumpy are happy new car owners! Yay! But apparently this vehicle has a mysterious past. Was it a prostitute years ago? Was it married one time before? Watch to find out!

10 Second Mysteries 2.2

Pool party!!! Whooo!!! That's right, there's a pool party in this latest 10 Second Mystery and someone is definitely going to die. 

10 Second Mysteries 2.1

Who the hell stole all the pearls? The truth will shock you and potentially arouse you. 


One man's love for Jack's pizza is his undoing. 

Pokemon Go F*ck Yourself

A friend tries to convince his best bud that Pokemon Go is actually cool. In the end no one wins, except the burning rash on one of their groins. Sound confusing? Just watch and find out. Catch 'em all!

Meg Ryan Mystery

There's so much mystery that surrounds one of America's most beloved actresses from the 90s. Where is she? Where did she go? What has she been doing the past 10 years? Seriously? Where the hell is she? WE WANT TO KNOW. 

How to Win at Life with Kurt Bender

Kurt Bender was awesome in high school. He was the star football player, he could get any girl, he lettered in so many things. Today, he's still awesome, but in his own mind. Watch Kurt Bender give sick life tips to help make you the best version of yourself. Then after you do that, ignore everything he told you to do. 

The Birch Hat

The Birch Hat is an innovative sleep-aid meant to put you to sleep by gently massaging your hypothalamus. Does it seem sketchy to you? Then it probably is. The Birch Hat!


6 Ways to Fail a Job Interview

Hey, you got a job interview coming up? Stay away from these six blunders to ensure you land the new gig. 



The wildly compelling tale of how one man reacts to his friend being lost to radical political views. 


Happy Time Meditation App

A troubled man yearns to relax and clear his mind, but instead loses every single penny. 


An Old Salt's Tale

An old drunk sailor sits on a stranger's toilet to ramble about his good old days. Good family fun!


New Year's Resolutions

Someone has audacious goals for 2016! Whoop Whoop. 


Beef Jerky Pocket Square

Add a Beef Jerky Pocket Square to brighten up your look and mood, but risk getting an erection as a side effect.  


10 Second Mysteries #8

Pumpy snagged an amazing date, but absolutely ruins it. How? Watch and find out. 


10 Second Mysteries #7

"X" marks the spot for Gastan and Pumpy as they search for valuable buried treasure. 


Would You Rather

An innocent game of would you rather can reveal many of your deepest darkest secrets like how you've watched every season of  Murder, She Wrote twice. What? It's all I had when I was unemployed in 2011. 


Cutter Jackson

A new brand of action hero that inadvertently kills innocent people. Finally, someone to root for!


10 Second Mysteries #6

Gastan's kidnapped by his arch-nemesis Bruno-Bruno. Can Pumpy save him? Sure, but in the worst way.


10 Second Mysteries #5

There's a strange noise in Gastan and Pumpy's living quarters. What could it be? A homeless man under the sink? Meg Ryan in a heating duct? PLAY TO SEE.


10 Second Mysteries #4

Gastan takes on his most puzzling case yet. One for the books! And one for cookie lover's. 


10 Second Mysteries #3

Who would want to kill Mr. Baker?  We'll never know...


10 Second Mysteries #2

If they only knew what the murder weapon was, they might be able to find the murderer. 


10 Second Mysteries #1

Gastan. St. Pierre is an amateur detective. He solves cases with his constantly hungry sidekick, Pumpy Masterson. This is their very first case together. One filled with mystery and hunger. 


Spice of the Living Dead

Maybe there's more to pumpkin spice than we know? 


The Bet

Inspired by true events. 


Fallen Stars

The tragic aftermath of Stuck on a Truck: A Hooch Crixby Mystery.


This is My Process

On this one and only episode of This is My Process, the host interviewers a cat designer based in New York.


Invest in Yourself

A man goes back in time to invest in the stock market, but ends up needing to rob his past self to get cash. His past self isn't in a position to give up money and, let's just say, someone gets their face blown clean off. This one's rated G. 


The Anniversary

This entire sketch is about a man sitting in a bathtub wearing jeans and a button up.  


Adult Shit

Being an adult is really hard sometimes. 


The Switcharoo

A man's Valentine's Day present to his girlfriend goes horribly wrong. Don't ever do this. 


Best Friends

Two friends fight for the love of a mutual friend on his deathbed. 



January is the month of hobbying. It's also the month we hate most. 


Hamilton Ellis: Cliche Detective

Every genius private detective has to be a complete jerk, right?


Santa Rap

Christmas Caroling. More like Christmas Rapping! OHHHH! *mic drop onto a land mine


The Next Great American Addict

The Beat Generation inspired this one and it's just as beautiful and hard-hitting as Catcher in the Rye. Maybe even more. You be the judge. 


Bad Movie Night

You ever had one of those nights where you just wanted to watch a bad movie with your friends, but high winds and a kidnapped woman ruin it? Everyone has. 



This was our Halloween sketch for October 2013. Needless to say it's very spooky. So spooky. Put your kids to bed, grab a dumpster hoagie and watch this one with the lights on, folks. 


Bro Night!

Our first sketch EVER! This one involves two bros trying to figure out what to do with their night. They quickly figure out that (SPOILER!) they should have a BRO NIGHT.