Our Newest Short


Episode One

A man comes to the realization that his house is haunted by a ghost that is not Patrick Swayze. What could this spirit possibly want?

Episode 2

Matt tries to get rid of this ridiculous ghost in his house by using traditional means of ghost-ridding. Unfortunately, for him, this spirit just won't let up.

Episode 3

Matt finds out what the spirit wants, but can this 'lil scared boy bring da good-goods?

Episode 4

An ingenious idea to get rid of this ghastly spirit strikes our hero! Grab a bucket of popcorn and strap on your weird helmet for this one, folks.

Episode 5

Did Matt's crazy antics scare off this Frasier obsessed ghost?! Find out in the final episode and then head to Amazon to buy all the seasons of Frasier AND Two and a Half Men. Happy Halloween!